Resources and Support during the Coronavirus crisis

Devin Hallquist, B.A. & Kelsey Maki, M.S. Parents are always at the forefront of our minds here at Parentline; after all, we’re in the business of supporting parents and the healthy development of kids. But in the past several weeks … Read More

How To Help Babies And Young Children Grieving Through Divorce

When facing a divorce many couples naturally worry about how this process will affect their children, in addition to managing the legal, domestic and emotional aspects of a separation. Below, we offer some information about the symptoms and behaviors that might occur when families are going through divorce. We also provide specific tips on how parents can support their children during this time. … Read More

How To Cultivate A Positive Relationship With Grandparents

It is very common for parents and grandparents to disagree on issues of childrearing, particularly when grandparents are involved in providing some form of childcare. However, the bond between children and grandparents can be mutually nourishing and enriching. … Read More

Tips To Handle The Use Of Technology With Young Children

The American Association of Pediatrics (AAP) has recently updated its media use guidelines for young children. The new AAP recommendations suggest that the domain of technology can be thought of as another environment in which children learn, interact, and experience life. … Read More

3 Things To Expect When Children Start Daycare…And Tips To Cope

Starting daycare is a big transition and it is normal for children to express many emotions as a result. Depending on the age of your child, you may see him or her get frustrated at the thought of separating from you and being in a different environment full of new faces. In this context of change and learning, with the limited emotional resources young children have, crying is expected and normal, although it can be heartbreaking for parents. … Read More

What Is Mindful Parenting? A Conversation With An Expert

Meditation has gained increasing attention in the past decades due to potential benefits for health, happiness and well-being. New developments in cognitive and social science show that mindfulness–the state of full awareness in the present moment achieved when meditating regularly–might represent a valuable resource for parental mental health and child development. … Read More

Teaching Young Children How To Handle Powerful Emotions

Before the age of three, children develop rapidly in every area of their lives. However, the social and emotional skills needed for impulse control, understanding others’ points of views and communicating their experiences have not fully matured. This may help explain why young children sometimes express their emotions so intensely, disproportionately, or spontaneously … Read More

Recognizing The Vulnerability Of Pregnancy

Many pregnant women feel blessed by the opportunity to carry a new life. However, the joy of welcoming a new baby can sometimes be overshadowed by the challenges of pregnancy. These difficulties could go beyond just feeling “emotional” and may manifest in a variety of more complex ways. … Read More