Resources and Support during the Coronavirus crisis

Devin Hallquist, B.A. & Kelsey Maki, M.S.

Parents are always at the forefront of our minds here at Parentline; after all, we’re in the business of supporting parents and the healthy development of kids. But in the past several weeks as the Coronavirus continues to impact the world and disrupt daily life, we’ve been thinking of our parents more than ever. In an effort to support parents during this difficult and hectic time we’ve compiled a list of resources below. In the meantime, we find the words of social justice advocate and writer, Rachel Elizabeth Cargle, to serve as an important reminder:

Dear Parents,
You’re doing great. There are no “rules” around how to exist “best” during a pandemic. Don’t stress about screen time, don’t guilt yourself over their snack choices, don’t get overwhelmed with missed lesson plans or unmotivated little ones.

This is a national emergency, not an added opportunity to push productivity and expect normalcy in any way. This is not normal. Lean into whatever feels best for your family, whatever makes sense for your children, whatever allows you the mental and emotional space to be okay for the next few weeks. 

Fun and Educational Ideas for Kids

  1. – “Unplugged” DIY craft activities for kids of all ages
  2. – Craft experiments, printable coloring pages, recipes, games, and apps
  3. – Digital home learning tools and shows for kids of all ages provided by KQED 
  4. – Ideas for play activities for kids of various ages
  5. Take a virtual trip to see the animals at the San Diego Zoo or the sea life at the Monterey Bay Aquarium by checking out their live cams
  6. Play activities for children 0-12 months old, 12-24 months old, and 24-36 months old
  7. Tune in to a virtual storytime from children’s book authors all around the county 

Resources to Support YOU

  1. – Free guided meditations to help with stress, anxiety, and hyper little ones! Guided meditations in Spanish can be accessed here:
  2. Zero To Three’s self care tips 
  3. – Podcast episodes all about parenting through COVID-19
  4. Managing Quarantine: – Pediatric Advice Nurse Judy’s Approach
  5. Six Tips for Parents – Parentline founder Dhara Meghani’s tips to support emotional health

Resources for talking with your kids about COVID-19

  1. COVID-19 Comic for Kids – This comic was created by child development and mental health experts to help kids learn about COVID-19 (available in both English and Chinese)
  1. Tips from Zero To Three about how to answer your toddler’s or your young child’s questions about the present situation

Resources for parents working from home

Tips from Western Museums Association and CNBC for those figuring out how to work from home while parenting.

Do you have additional resources or suggestions you would like us to include on our page? Please leave a comment below!

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